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NEED FOR SPEED reviewed by Pamela Powell

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

ONE PLEASE: An Interview with Jesse Burks by Pamela Powell

Jesse Burks' short film, ONE PLEASE, which premiered at this year's Slamdance Film Festival in beautiful Park City, Utah is gaining momentum with its recent announcement that it will show at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival.  I had a chance to talk with Dr. Burks, to learn about the making of this uniquely creative and eerily beautiful film.

ONE PLEASE is the first of what will, I am sure,  be many more films created by new filmmaker, Jesse Burks.  Filmmaking, however, is not Jesse's only career.  As a podiatrist who specializes in reconstructive foot and ankle surgery as part of an orthopedic group, Dr. Burks got the bug to make movies as a response to his son's acting career pursuit.  Dealing with feet, it's quite interesting to see the appendage that Dr. Burks chose to focus upon in his film!

Jesse has always needed a creative outlet.  He has written text books and articles, but he loves film and has embarked upon this new adventure.  Regarding film, he explains that he loves comedies, but he loves horror films too.  Films like "The Shining" that "toy with people's emotions" and unsettles you, is what he loves.  When he started writing ONE PLEASE, he didn't want it to scare you to death, but he did want it to be beautiful and well-shot at the same time.  Showing his son the script, Jesse decided to take it one step further and try to make this film a reality.  Knowing some key producers, Jesse's film began to come to life.

Jesse expressed nervousness as he has never worked with cinematographers or actors.  Although the two children in the movie are his nieces and the wife in the film is actually his wife, there is one actor he is in awe of and was thrilled when he accepted this role: Michael Berryman.  His nervousness was soon quelled by Mr. Barryman's easy presence.  With Jesse at the helm and his talented cameramen and actors aboard, the filming went off without a glitch.  Filming took place over one weekend and involved 42 people, a semi truck with equipment and Mother Nature cooperating nicely.  Working with children, especially novices, can be taxing, but these children were naturals.  It looks like all the planets were in alignment to make sure Jesse's film was completed.

For those who have not seen this short 6 minute film, it involves chopping, slicing, food, children and an ice cream truck.  Chopping and slicing also pertains to an appendage.  I don't want to give to much away, but  suffice it to say, there won't be 10 fingers left at the end of the film.  Asking Jesse why he chose a finger (or two), he said he wanted to shy away from the foot area---that probably wouldn't go over well with his patients!  He reminisced about an event that happened as a child, growing up in a wonderful, but poor family.  Jesse's step-dad was cutting plywood with a Skilsaw.  Hitting a knot in the wood, the saw bounced back and cut off his step-dad's thumb! They looked and looked for it, but couldn't find it until the next day.  So they decided, as anyone would, to put it in a mason jar filled with vodka.  Jesse laughingly told me that kids would come over just to see the thumb!  Jesse's childhood seems to be reinvented in ONE PLEASE!

Jesse's first film is making a mark at film festivals across the nation.  Keep checking back to learn where you might be able to see this film next!

Click on this link to read the review of ONE PLEASE   ONE PLEASE REVIEW

Sunday, March 9, 2014


Set in the countryside, down a picturesque canopied lane, nestled in the trees and overgrown gardens is a castle.  But this isn't just any castle.  With its many doors, it takes each of its guests along a personal journey to help them take down the roadblocks in their lives.

Professor William Anderson and his wife, Charlotte, are empty nesters and at a time in their lives that they should truly be living and enjoying everything life has to offer, but "Bill" has shut down.  Charlotte calls upon life-long friends of Bill's and former students, Russel, Sid and Malcolm.  She has arranged  a weekend for them all at this mysterious and ancient castle.  Aunt Zara, the reserved and slightly eerie owner, along with the beautiful niece, Emma, check the guests into the estate.  As they sign in, they have signed on for more than they realized.

We all have baggage.  No one is as they seem to be on the surface.  The older we get the more baggage we carry and sometimes we need help with that load.  It's been 20 years since these five friends have united and life has treated them all differently.  They all need help with their loads.  As they are "welcomed" into the castle by Aunt Zara and  Emma, they are also encouraged to explore the castle and open all its doors.  One by one, the guests reveal their issues, and one by one, they open the mystical and magical door they need to help resolve that issue.

What lies behind each of these personal doors is the most engaging aspect of the film.  Unique to each person's needs, the settings behind  the doors  range from an old train station to a casino.  These dream-like sequences show us complete pictures of each character as well as their deepest needs and desires.  It makes you wonder what would be behind YOUR door?

This is not only a creative tale, it is a thought-provoking one. The story unfolds naturally allowing the viewer to identify with many, if not all, of the struggles of each characters.  Malcolm has lost his love, Bill has lost his love for life, and Charlotte passionately wants her love back.  The other characters have relatable issues as well.  It truly depicts the old adage that when one door closes another one opens.  Beautifully filmed in one gorgeous setting after another, the film evokes a love of times gone by where cell phones don't dominate face to face time, and we actually see and appreciate the scenery surrounding us.

Although somewhat slow paced at times with a few stilted conversations and unnatural pauses, these flaws can easily be overlooked as the overall message is worth it.  Most importantly, this entire film was improvised.  No script.  No character preparation.  No rehearsals. And no "take 2."  Every scene filmed dictated what would happen in the next scene.  To tell a fluid story that meaningfully meanders and intertwines seamlessly is quite a feat.  These seasoned improv comedians tell a story for an audience each and every night and taking this skill to the silver screen has proved fruitful.  With improvisation, comes key highlights as well as downfalls.  However, this is a wonderful story, portrayed beautifully by talented actors.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the camera work on this film.  Outstanding shots to truly capture the beauty of the country-side in Austria as well as unique camera angles to convey meaning were impactful.  Use of perfect lighting and unique lenses to transport the viewer to the appropriate period were spot on.  The deft abilities of the camera crew enabled these actors to tell their story more skillfully.

The directors and one actor from"Another One Opens" were present to chat with the audience at the 17th Annual European Film Festival.  Their energy and passion for this film's journey is wonderfully infectious.  The unique style of improv filming and the bumps in the road they encountered were all a testament to their skills and perseverance.

"Another One Opens" is a charming, sweet, and sometimes quirky story full of creativity, imagination, and beauty.  Although, improvisational filmmaking appears to have a few flaws, the raw power that it gives a film is well worth it.  If you're in Chicago, check it out on March 13 at 8:15.

Click on the following link for a few clips from the interview with Michael Smulik and Jim Libby.  The full interview will be available on WKCC's The Reel Focus soon!
Another One Opens Interview Clips

Friday, March 7, 2014


"The Lunchbox" is a new full length feature film by Ritesh Batra starring Nimrat Kaur and Irrfan Kahn.  Using the Mumbai lunchbox delivery system which only errs in its deliveries 1 out of every 6 million times, connects two very lonely and needy people from two very different backgrounds.  As Ila attempts to win  her husband's affection back through cooking elaborate lunches, she realizes these extraordinary attempts are being delivered to someone else!  As she writes a note to this unknown and very lucky recipient.  The two begin a sort of pen pal relationship trusting in one another more and more with every meal delivered.  Through this communication, a love begins and awakens them both to live again.

Irrfan Kahn and Ritesh Batra
"The Lunchbox" is a sweet story reminiscent of times gone by brought into the current day.  Through simple communication our two main characters show that everyone needs to be needed and that we all need to be loved in some way.  This film crosses all cultural boundaries in some way.  The complexity and depth of Ila and Sajaan will strike a chord in all of us too.  Each character is real and down to earth, representing the needs in all of us.  Taking place in Mumbai, with its hustle and bustle, and capitalizing on this one improbable error of the wrong lunchbox delivered, a simple love story builds into a beautiful story.

Ila's relationship with her husband is strained and she is trying with all her heart to win him back...through his stomach.  Her "auntie" lives upstairs with whom she if very close and tries to cook using Auntie's secrets.  As they shout to one another about their daily lives, Auntie shares ingredients with her niece below her through a pulley system, from her window to Ila's.  Day after day, Auntie gets updates on Ila's lunches and reactions to them, and Auntie shares her wisdom and life.  With each delicious meal cooked, you wait in anticipation with Ila to see what Sajaan will feel, taste, and communicate back with her.  Sajaan obviously has some issues as we see his reclusive self blocking out the world as he cocoons in the evening with an old TV set and old TV shows.  But somehow, the food and the ability to communicate with another person who is not satisfied with life during the day, actually gives Sajaan hope and the want to be involved in the world again.

"The Lunchbox" is a beautifully filmed and artistically directly movie that will capture your heart and make you famished!  The cooking is just as amazing as the unique lunch packing and delivery system.  Nimrat Kaur's performance is outstanding in her representation of many housewives.  Her performance, like the story itself, crosses all cultural boundaries.

Irrfan Kahn, who most of you will recognize from "The Life of Pi," is solid in his role; portraying a hurting, but loving man who wants nothing more than to love and be loved.  But the world is a scary place.  Kahn's adept ability elicits empathy from the viewer, carrying us along his journey of life.

"The Lunchbox" will truly entertain you (as well as make you hungry).  It captures the beauty of India, its residents, and its food.  But most importantly, it portrays  a love story in a pure and innocent way, capturing your heart.

Listen Thursday, March 13 at 4:30 pm for an interview with filmmaker, Ritesh Batra.  In the interview, I have promised the link to Batra's short film CAFE REGULAR, CAIRO so here it is!


Interview with Ritesh Batra
(Information about films showing in the Chicago area are for the week of 3-13-14)


Saturday, March 1, 2014

OSCAR PREDICTIONS 2014 by Pamela Powell

Every year, just before the Academy Awards Ceremony,  I vow to do 3 things:  1.  Have an Oscar party where everyone dresses up in their best evening attire.  2.  Predict every winner accurately, and 3.  Not be catty about what the stars are wearing and how much botox, restalin, and other additives and preservatives have been used to make them what I can't be.  Well, I got a puppy so Vow #1 is out.  Let's address Vow #2:

Let's start off with the Major Award Winner Prediction of BEST PICTURE.  First of all, my list, if I was the entire Academy Board, would have been different.  Yes, I would have included "Philomena," "Gravity," and "Nebraska" as well as "Dallas Buyers Club."  But I also would have included "August: Osage County," "Some Velvet Morning," and "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty."  Ok...truth be told, I couldn't limit it to just 9 or 10.  (Please reference this article RHR FILM FAVORITES OF 2013)  However, admitting and acknowledging the fact that I am not the end all and be all of those who decide who wins and who loses, I will give you my prediction and my "want" of winners in the top 5 categories of the 2014 Academy Awards.

With 9 films films up for BEST PICTURE, I would love to see "Philomena" win for so many different reasons.  First of all, it's a true story depicted well for anyone to understand and feel such emotion and in my case, empathy for the characters.  This story captured my heart and soul so completely that I cannot even talk about this film without getting choked up.  To me, "Philomena" is the winner.  However, knowing the Board for the Academy, well, not on a personal basis, but on a reputation only basis, I believe "12 Years a Slave" will win.  It's another true story that is full of wrought and desperation with unbelievable acting.  This film, to me, however, just didn't give me emotionally what I needed.  It was too much horror on all levels of humanity that I just wanted to escape.  Was it a great movie?  Sure, on many levels it was, but it just wasn't one that I would have chosen to see.

That brings us to BEST ACTOR.  What a category it is this year!  Every single male nailed his part perfectly.  Although I am not a DiCaprio fan (I generally hope his ship sinks more quickly so I can go have a glass of wine somewhere), I do think he did an outstanding job.  But just for the sake of narrowing the field, let's throw him overboard, er I mean, out.  Now we are down to 4.  Dern was great although I
think the script has some essential flaws with the knowledge of dementia.  Bale was good, but I don't think the film in and of itself was Oscar Worthy.  Wow, I can't believe I'm down to 2!  Chiwetel Ejiofor and Matthew McConaughey.  Both were outstanding in their roles.  They were both passionate about their roles and they both were uncannily believable.  However, I am appalled that McConaughey would jeopardize his health and future welfare by losing that much weight just for a movie.  Can't you find a "skinny lens?"  I have a skinny mirror at home which is why I only shop on-line.  Put me in a dressing room in a department store and they buy harsh fluorescent lights and "fat mirrors."  Not buying anything there! So Chiwetel Ejiofor is who I would like to see win.  But I think the Board will chose Matthew.

BEST ACTRESS is the next category and truly one of the toughest categories this year to choose a winner.  Of course, I have my prejudices.  Cate, Sandra, Judi, and Meryl (Yes, I know them on a first name basis.  HA!  C'mon, what are the chances that they will read this???) are all winners and any one of them could win and I would be happy.  What about Amy Adams you ask?  Yeah, she was great, but I just don't think the entire film was an Oscar calibre film.  Don't get me wrong.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I would have put the film RUSH on the list instead.  So that brings us to 4. 4 winners, truly.  I would love to see Meryl Streep win just because this, to me, was her best role ever.  But I think Sandra Bullock will win.  Honestly, and this is Reel HONEST Reviews, any of the four would be fine with me.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR is a hands down easy pick for this film reviewer:  Jared Leto.  Wow!  He was amazing in his role.  This gorgeous man transformed himself into something quite the opposite to tell an important story from the not so distant past.  Those of us from the 80's remember it all quite well.  Well-done, Jared!  (Yes, I can call him by his first name.  We go way back!)

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS is another category that is hotly contended!  If you've seen all of these films (and if you haven't, you're truly missing out!), then you can understand my conundrum.  There are no losers in this category.  Any one of these women, young and old and in between, are talented and had the performance of a lifetime.  But alas, I must chose one.  My winner, in my book is Julia Roberts.  Her acting has become better and more skilled; honing this ability to near perfection.

I know, I know.  I said I would limit my predictions to 5, but these silly, random numbers are just that...silly.  So here's who else I would like to win in the following categories:

There you have it in black and white and published for all to see.  No changes can be made.  Well, actually, this is a blog site on the internet, so changes really can be easily made, but I promise I won't.  What are your picks?   Do you agree?  Disagree?  Tell RHR!

Enjoy and keep your computer or phone nearby for instant updates during the ceremonies.  Regarding Vow #3, I will try my hardest not be be catty, but no promises!