Monday, May 28, 2012

THE DICTATOR by Pamela Powell

THE DICTATOR starring Sacha Baron Cohen came out this last Friday.  In all honesty, and this is REEL HONEST REVIEWS, I had no intention of seeing it.  I didn't like Cohen's antics with Eminem or his latest prank with Ryan Seacrest at the Golden Globes this year.  I really don't like to support movies that condone behavior such as this.  But alas, I figured that maybe my review would help others decide whether or not to see it.  So I saw it...

I never made it all the way through Borat (I think I fell asleep) and I'm guessing I also fell asleep during Bruno as I really don't have ANY recollection of it!  I did, however, think Sacha Baron Cohen was a stitch in Telladega Nights:  The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.  I didn't hold out much hope though,  for Cohen's newest spoof THE DICTATOR.  I must say, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  Let me stop you right here.  That is not a nod of approval...a YES! go see it recommendation.  It is just what I said.  It wasn't as bad as I had anticipated.

THE DICTATOR was about a ruthless dictator, Admiral General Aladeen (Cohen) in a North African country, Wadiya, who eventually came to America to make sure that his oil rich country never became a democratic society.  As he is hated by those close to him as well as his entire country, many continually tried to kill him which dictated (pun intended) the need for a body double.  An assassination attempt on the real Admiral General Aladeen failed leaving Aladeen to fend for himself on the streets of NYC.  As he tried to regain his rightful place, he met Zoey (Anna Farris) and many scenarios unfolded because of this meeting.

THE DICTATOR was juvenile and sophomoric at best.  It was also completely predictable.  It offended many different ethnicities and political cultures.  That being said, I have to admit that I times.  I guess I'll have to also admit that my humor can stoop to the sophomoric and base level of this movie.  Is that a bad thing?  I like to think that that maybe makes me a little more well-rounded regarding my sense of humor.  In any case, I can confidently say that THE DICTATOR fits right in with what I now call THE MOVIE MEDIOCRITY MONTH OF MAY.  I'm really not even going to comment on the acting, the writing, or the cinematography because it really isn't necessary. OK, maybe I'll comment on the writing.  It was not insightful nor was it meant to be.  It was meant to be one thing...funny.  This movie was meant to make fun of everyone and I don't think they left anyone out.  It did the job of entertaining you in a very mediocre way.  My last comment is that I really think the male population will think it is much funnier than the female population.

I would recommend waiting for the DVD, but if you go, and you go with your date or your spouse, be warned that your wife/girlfriend may not find it as funny as you!

4 REELS/10

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