Friday, May 4, 2012


A Little Bit of Heaven, completed last year but just released this weekend, stars the effervescent Kate Hudson, Lucy Punch and Gael Garcia Bernal.  Hudson plays a young and rising advertising executive who acts more like the stereotypical male in young relationships than the yearning-for-a-husband and settle-down-to-have-kids 30 year old woman.  Never taking life too seriously, she is bombarded with the devastating news that she has cancer and may die...this told to her by Whoopi Goldberg aka God.

Enter Lucy Punch as her work buddy, Steven Weber as her boss, and Kathy Bates as her mom.  Oh!  And let's not forget Romany Malco (Weeds) who prances around in his underwear (I am NOT complaining!).  It's really a great cast and given the seriousness of the topic, it utilizes humor in just the right places.  The movie takes Marley (Hudson) on a journey of self-discovery and completion of her life while trying to fight to survive.  Although the writer (Gren Wells) does a nice job of combining reality with humor, I would be remiss if I didn't state that this movie is quite predictable.  Yet, it's also cute, sad, funny and throws a lot of reality punches your way.

I did enjoy this movie as I am always entertained by Kate Hudson and her happy-go-lucky attitude and that sparkle she always has in her eyes.  Lucy Punch can carry a movie (Bad Teacher) or be a wonderful supporting actress as she was in this.  We watch Marley and Sarah (Punch) deal with her illness in one way while Marley addresses so many other relationships in a completely different way.  For example, she and her mom have a rather antagonistic relationship, but you can feel empathy for both characters.   I think that's where the reality of this movie comes in to play.  We all have so many different sides to ourselves and our approach with each individual can truly vary.

The ridiculous things occur, such as Whoopi and her granting Marley three wishes, but it's cute and part of the premise of the movie, so you can forgive such an implausible situation.  Peter Dinklage who plays Vinnie is also a bit far fetched, but funny.  So what makes this movie about a rather depressing subject which is very real with bits of humor thrown into it so much better than last week's movie, The 5-Year Engagement?  I think it boils down to the length of the film.  Longer isn't always better!

If you see it in the theater, bring a tissue and be prepared for a few tears.  Waiting for the DVD isn't a bad idea.  I liked it, but I think it's more of a "renter."

5 REELS out of 10

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