Friday, February 15, 2013

SAFE HAVEN A TYPICAL SPARKS PRODUCT: I Apologize To All Males by Pamela Powell

I want to apologize to all males out there.  You must really hate Nicholas Sparks.  As we "girls"have read his books and watched his movies, we long for that perfect guy.  You know the one.  The one that you can never be, but we want you to be that one so badly.  The one that is handsome and rugged, yet still so in touch with his feelings.  The one that can talk, make eye-contact, predict our moods and our needs.  That spontaneous one that can sweep us off our feet and kiss us passionately, losing ourselves in your touch, and dancing in the rain.  (And in the rain, we still have good hair and our make up is perfectly intact.) The one that fills our every need even when we don't even know what our needs are.  That one.  We know you don't exist, but for some reason we compare each and every male to That One.  The Nicholas Sparks male.  So again, I apologize to all males.  We know you can't be That One, but we repeatedly go to these movies or read these books and create this ideal male...That One.  You'll know when we have finished one of his movies or books without even asking because you will see these typical behaviors from us:  You ask us how our day was when you have been home all day and there are dirty dishes in the sink to welcome us home.  We generally respond with something like, "What do you care?" or "Looks like I have to do EVERYTHING!" or "You just don't get it."  Maybe you asked us how the movie was (not knowing the title before-hand because you didn't really were thrilled to stay home and watch the game, all comfy in your Lazy Boy recliner) and we just respond by looking pathetically at you, sighing, and going straight to bed...alone.  Again, I am sorry.

That being said, the movie was a typical Nicholas Sparks book turned into a movie.  That One was played by the gorgeous brunette, Josh Duhamel.  He nailed the part perfectly.  He was sensitive, resilient, a caring father, strong, but needy.  Oh, the couple of love scenes blew my socks off sitting in the theater and this was a pretty PG movie!  Duhamel played Alex, recently widowed with 2 young children living in a small seaside town in the South.  Julianne Hough ("Rock of Ages," "Burlesque") played Katie who was on the run from the law for unknown reasons, settled down in this sleepy little town, and resisted getting to know anyone.  Love, however, cannot be controlled and we saw the two main characters become involved.  The brutality of the situation that Katie left behind was slowly revealed and may eventually catch up with her.  The rest of the story, albeit predictable, left me looking like a love-struck sap with a few tears welling up.  Damn!  I hate it when I get sucked into the concept of That One!  Although most of the film was predictable, it did have a surprise which I thoroughly enjoyed and didn't see coming.

As with The Notebook, I think I would have enjoyed reading Safe Haven more than the movie, but hey, Josh Duhamel is pleasant to look at and reading the book would take a couple of days.  That's a couple of days that my husband would have to listen to strange and slightly bitchy responses to benign questions as opposed to a quick movie and only one or two strange (and slightly bitchy) responses.  The movie is not a must-see, but if you like sappy love stories about That One, go see it or save a few bucks and wait for the DVD.

6 REELS (because I'm a romantic at heart!)

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