Friday, February 1, 2013


Theresa Palmer
My grandmother used to say, "Cold hands, warm heart."  This seems to be the case with "Warm Bodies," a Zombie Love Story.  Did I really just write that?  Yes, it's true, there is now a category of film called Zombie Love Stories.  "Warm Bodies" takes place in the future, after some sort of apocalypse where it's Zombies vs. Humans vs. Bonies.  During an fight to the death encounter between a pack of hungry Zombies and drug seeking humans, "R" kidnaps the world leader's daughter.  "R" is a unique Zombie in that he has feelings and these feelings grow as he spends more time with Julie.  Can love really save us all?  Can love keep us alive? Is love the answer?  Can love set us free?  Can't we all just get along?  Sorry, I got carried away with the cliches and song titles!

Rob Corddry
Nicholas Hoult
Jonathan Levine based this screenplay on Isaac Marion's Novel of the same name, Warm Bodies.  This unique love story creatively started with the main Zombie, R, played by Nicholas Hoult, narrating his thoughts and feelings and his need for more.  We saw his interactions and frustrations with his dead end life (pun intended!) and his longing for love and feeling.  This insight into a zombie's mind was extremely entertaining.  Even the narration of R's thoughts while he's feeding was amusing.  When he met Julie during a feeding frenzy, it was love at first least on his part.  As the two got to know each other, love set into motion unpredictable events.  I told you it was unique!  This movie was entertaining with some pretty funny lines and situations melded in with some rather grotesque sequences.  Remember, I also said it was a zombie movie so you're going to have some sort of a gross factor in it as well.  The creative and not necessarily predictable chain of events kept me guessing as to how they could possibly wrap it up.  Although I believe this movie was geared toward the teen group and in particular the girl teen group, I still enjoyed it.  Hey, we girls always like a love story, or a Zombie love story, no matter what our age!

Age Group This Movie Targets
"Warm Bodies" was an entertaining and humorous love story with a bit of horror inserted appropriately.  This would be a great movie for a high school or college couple or even a family with teens to see.  If you're not in this group, you should probably wait for the DVD.  It is worth seeing on DVD.


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