Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"Hello I Must Be Going" a review by Pamela Powell

I was lucky to have been able to see "Hello I Must Be Going" at this year's Sundance Film Festival.  This film was definitely one of my favorites.  When a film can hook you from the beginning with its ability to make you have empathy for the main character, it's a winner.  Although, I must admit that I cringed at some of the situations Amy, played by Melanie Lynskey, got herself into or hearing some of the unedited things that popped out of her mouth, I still felt for her.  This realistic feel delved deeper into a topic that perhaps 20 years ago was very taboo.  However, today's culture not only tolerates it, but many times reinforces it.  Terms like "MILF" and "Cougar" to name a few, are commonplace and acceptable.  Although the age difference between Amy and Jeremy in  "Hello I Must Be Going" isn't quite Cougar status, it did focus on the Older Woman Meets Younger Man concept.   Amy, recently divorced,  reluctantly moved back in with her wealthy Connecticut parents.  As Amy struggled to get out of bed every morning, depression and melancholy overcoming her, she was then prodded to attend a dinner party at her parents' home.  The guests?  A possible legal client of her father's with his wife and 19 year old son, Jeremy.  An immediate attraction and connection ensue, but given the age difference, Amy was not comfortable acting upon her feelings.  This was not the case of the younger, but possibly more mature, Jeremy.

This awkwardly funny and uncomfortable, but realistic film was thoroughly entertaining from beginning to end.  Everyone's emotions were pushed and pulled in two different directions, unsure as to which choice was the right choice or which one was the best choice.  The two were not always one and the same!  As we saw Amy try to hide her situation from her never-sleeping mother played deftly by Blythe Danner, the situations became  comparable to a 21st century "I Love Lucy" episode.  I laughed until I had tears streaming down my face.  It wasn't all fun and awkwardness, though.  There was self-discovery that maybe Amy should have gone through in her 20's, but it was better late than never.  Both main characters, Jeremy and Amy, portrayed the love, uncertainty, and needs of anyone at any age.  This heartfelt comedy/drama resonated with everyone in the audience.  Even given the superficial topic of "younger man falls for significantly older woman," there was always the common theme of love and desire to feel successful in all aspects of our lives.

"Hello I Must Be Going" is a smart, funny, and heartfelt film ringing true to so many 20- and 30-something year olds having to return home due to divorce or financial calamity.  Now those two things CAN be one and the same!  The fun in this film comes with the development of the relationship and situations that ensue.  As the film's contradicting title suggests, relationships can be confusing... sometimes we just don't know if we are coming or going!

(I'm guessing this is more of a movie that females will enjoy.)

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