Friday, August 31, 2012

"Premium Rush" Is a Complete Adrenaline Rush! by Pamela Powell

As I entered the empty movie theater to view "Premium Rush," I envisioned two hours of a chase scene.  As I left the theater, I realized that yes, it was two hours of a chase scene, but it was SO much more!  The movie utilized a unique film technique that captured you from the beginning.  We started the movie toward the end of the film and then backtracked a couple of hours to explain how our main character, Wilee played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, ended up on the pavement.  Wilee was a bike messenger in NYC along with a reported other 15,000 bike messengers.  Wilee narrated the beginning to give the audience necessary information about his personality, education and his job.  The "cool" filming technique was utilized throughout the movie to make this high intensity, adrenaline-producing movie even more fun to watch!

Wilee was in the midst of completing a pick-up and delivery for his company when he was accosted by an unknown man to get the package back.  The intensity of the movie was there from the beginning to the end as we watched Wilee try to flee from this attacker.  Wilee's attacker, Bobby Monday, played by Michael Shannon from "Take Shelter" was unpredictably volatile.  His ability to portray a psychologically disturbed human being was spot-on.   As I said before, there was so much more to the movie than just the chase.  Wilee was in love with another messenger, Vanessa (Dania Ramirez), but was having some relationship issues.  Another male messenger, Manny, played by the wonderfully cut, fit and handsome Wole Parks, tried to swoop in and win Vanessa over.   Without giving anything away, we watched as all of these characters weave not just in and out of traffic, but also in and out of each other's lives during the movie's less than 2 hour actual time period.

The bike riding and stunts were amazing!  The filming of this movie was incredible.  It truly captured the scary zipping in and out of traffic, dealing with pedestrians and oblivious drivers.  The danger of being a messenger in any city has got to be one of the most life-threatening jobs for very little monetary compensation.  The rolling back of the clock to get the more complete picture of each character gave the viewer all the necessary information at just the right time.  Although you knew 3/4 of the way into the movie how it was going to end, it didn't stop you from sitting on the edge of your seat not wanting to blink as you might miss an amazing stunt.

Go see this movie for sheer fun!  It's high intensity and adrenaline pumping story will completely entertain you!  It'll also make you feel like a complete weenie on your next bike ride...or at least it did me!  Potholes and car doors SCARE ME!

7 REELS for total entertainment and unique filming to tell a story!

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