Friday, July 27, 2012


"The Watch" opened today starring Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill.  This comedy was nothing more and nothing less than it promised to be based on the trailers.  Finally, a movie that is true to its trailers.  I expected a silly story, with some high energy, and raunchy jokes.  I got what I expected.

"The Watch" for those that have been hiding in caves or are from other planets, was about 4 "guys" in the neighborhood who, for different reasons, want to form a neighborhood watch.  Stiller, who played the lead watchman, Evan,  the manager of the area's Costco was a driven leader.  Everyone loved Evan who started more neighborhood groups than the community center.  This all was about to change the night Evan's store watchman was brutally murdered.  As the community's incompetent police force wasn't equipped to protect Glenview, OH, Evan started yet another one of his many groups:  The Neighborhood Watch.   He wanted and promised to find his employee's murderer and enlisted the "help" of 3 others to protect his neighborhood.

Stiller, Vaughn, and Hill play familiar parts in this predictable and mildly entertaining movie.  The fourth partner in "The Watch" was Richard Ayoade who balanced the group nicely. Stiller was the "straight guy" with other issues in his life, Vaughn was the fast talking funny guy, and Hill the strange guy.  I'm still trying to figure out how to describe Ayoade, but somehow it worked.  Without giving too much away, the murderer turns out to be an alien.  (Don't freak find that out in the first 5 minutes of the film and I think it's in all the trailers anyway!)  The alien is really pretty impressive with its looks and goo, but the jokes around the aliens range from a chuckle to gross and raunchy.  (Yes, that's what I expected.)  The four band together to do more than just solve the crime of murder.

At 98 minutes, I was somewhat entertained and did have a few laughs.  I didn't feel like it was a total waste of time like "Transformers," but I'm glad I hit the matinee for $4.50!  (One perk of living south of Chicago!)  I also got some decorating ideas as I loved the woodwork in a couple of the houses!  If you go, just take it for what it is...a silly comedy with some funny jokes, and a quite a bit of raunchiness. (I think that might come from one of the writers, Seth Rogen!)  I'm guessing that the teens and 20's are going to love this and the rest of us over 30's can calmly wait for the DVD.


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