Saturday, June 8, 2013


"The Internship" reminded me of eating cotton candy at the fair.  It was sweet, it was fun, I laughed when I ate it, and when I finished, I felt happy.  "The Internship" was just like my annual noshing of cotton candy.  It was really a welcome change from some of the doom and gloom, end of the Earth as we know it, blow everything up kind of movies I've been seeing lately.  This was just light and fluffy; just like my pink cotton candy.

Remember the saying, "with age comes wisdom?"  That could be the motto of "The Internship."  Two "older" sales people lose their jobs and have sunk to the bottom of the career barrel.  They must reinvent themselves.  Vying for an internship at the prestigious company Google, Billy and Nick must prove that they are worthy.  Once in the internship (Come on.  You knew they would get it.  I'm not giving anything away here otherwise they would have had a completely different title for the movie!), Billy and Nick were perceived as ancient lead weights on the 5-person team made up of misfits.  Lacking any knowledge whatsoever in computer technology, they must rely on the skills they have honed over their years of experience.

"The Internship" promised to be nothing more than a fun film and it delivered.  No, it's not Shakespeare (Much Ado About Nothing is next on my list!), but this film has its place in summer entertainment.  I was afraid that like so many other comedies, they had given all the funny parts away in the trailers.  This was not the case.  It was pretty funny!  Was it predictable?  Sure.  Was it full of cliches?  Absolutely!  Did Vince Vaughn's character get a little preachy with his verbal diarrhea?  Of course!  But this was all ok because it was fun.  It was also fast

paced and actually nailed how we "old" people feel when dealing with you "young" people in technology.  We can learn, but it'll never feel like an innate skill like it does to the 20-somethings.  But that's ok, because "with age comes wisdom" and we can make up for our lack of computer savviness with our years of people know-how and experiences!  So there!

Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, Will Farrell, John Goodman played their usual parts well.  Aasif Mandvi was the smart, smug, and sarcastic boss who I think is under-rated.  He does the straight-man comedy extremely well.  The "kids" in the movie were wonderful and maybe not familiar to you.  Dylan O'Brien from "The First Time" would make any teen girl swoon.  Tobit Raphael was the repressed, home-schooled brilliant kid with an overbearing mother.  And Tiya Sircar was the beautiful girl who lacked so much confidence in life that she lied to cover her experiential shortcomings.  Cute.  All of these characters were the not-so-popular nerdy kids that you had to love.  Predictable?  Remember, I already covered that...yes, predictable.  The cast together seemed to really have fun.  I would love to have watched the filming of this as I can just imagine there were a lot of outtakes!

"The Internship" is my cotton candy of the summer.  Can you wait for the DVD?  Of course, you can.  Will you be disappointed if you see it in the theater and spend $7?  I don't think so.  Remember, cotton candy is about the same price and you won't have to deal with tilt-a-whirls and nausea!

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  1. Yeah, Pam, you're right. This was a sweet and confectionary piece of entertainment, although nothing particularly memorable, I definitely did enjoy it more than I expected to!

    Nice review!

  2. Thank you! I went in expecting to know all the jokes from the trailers and was pleasantly surprised to enjoy this 'cotton candy' movie!

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and to comment!